Overview of actual Geo Energy Research projects

This page provides an overview of actual (running, or recently completed) research projects with a Geo Energy research scope. This is provided via an Excel file that is updated and published each three months on this page. Information for projects found via this Excel concerns

  • - Project title
    - Geo Energy roadmap theme
    - Sector  Status  
    - End date            
    - Short summary and/or deliverables      
    - Link to project web pages          
    - Program & reference, or other reference to financial source      
    - Research organization and or coordinator

It has to be noted that this information is provided in a mix between Dutch and English, and that for each project not all information can be provided. The latest version of the file can be found here. In case of any feedback on this overview, please use the contact information.

In a further update to come for this page a search functionality is being provided such that via this page one can easily select those projects that are connected to a specific program, research organization, Geo Energy roadmap theme, etc.