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ESA tender open on decommissioning of energy assets
The European Space Agency ESA has opened per May 18, 2020 a tender with as main focus area the decommissioning of wind parks and offshore gas and oil production and transport facilities. It concerns a tender for feasibility studies with up to 100% financing and with a maximum of € 200.000. The tender will close on July 1, 2020 and via the following webpage (link naar more information can be found.

Public results of SCAN program
The program Seismische Campagne Aardwarmte Nederland (SCAN, in english: Seismic Campaign Geothermal Energy Netherlands) is in execution since beginning of 2019 by EBN and TNO. The goal is, particularly for areas with a low data density, to improve the data position and increase the knowledge on the subsurface, in order to enable estimates where in the Dutch subsurface there is potential for geothermal heat production. Furthermore, the knowledge that is generated may be helpful to accelerate the development of projects on geothermal heat production.
From end of Q2 2019 existing (Mining Law) data which has been used, new data which has become available, and final reports of the different studies, all as a result of the SCAN program, are being made public via the following page.

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